De Promenade Healthclub & Spa in The Hague offers a heated indoor pool and multiple different saunas. In between wellness activities, you can take a seat in our lounge, rest area, or on the private outdoor terrace. You can find all of our wellness facilities in the building of Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag Promenade.


Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag Sauna Overview 2Infrared sauna

The dry heat of the infrared sauna helps relieve muscle and joint pain. The infrared rays and the heat stimulate a healthy blood flow.


Steam room

Steam has purifying qualities. In our steam room, hot air is constantly being added. This creates a bountiful mist. The hot air opens your pores, allowing toxins to leave your body. The humidity in the steam room is 100%, and the temperature is between 46 and 49 degrees Celsius. After about 15 minutes in the steam room, your body's temperature has increased. We recommend cooling down on our private outdoor terrace or in the indoor rest area.


SPA TERRACE 1Outdoor sauna

Our outdoor Finnish sauna will continue to surprise you: the humidity in the cabin differs day-by-day based on changing weather conditions. If the outdoor air becomes more humid, the sauna will become more humid as well. 

This sauna is surrounded by our private outdoor terrace. Only members and visitors of the Promenade Healthclub & Spa can access this area. The terrace is surrounded by a wall, shielding you from noise and other distractions.


Finnish sauna

This traditional Finnish sauna has a temperate of around 80 degrees Celsius. After a visit to this sauna, we recommend taking the time to cool down.


Promenade Health club Spa NLD 375280 4 xxxxxx 1Heated indoor pool

Our spacious, heated indoor pool has a temperate of around 30 degrees Celsius. The pool features numerous powerful jet streams, allowing you to use the pool for both relaxation and exercise. 



Unlimited access to all of these facilities

Promenade Healthclub & Spa members with a Club or Spa Membership have unlimited access to all of these facilities during our extensive opening hours, 7 days a week. 

Tip: Are you not (yet) a member but would like to use our facilities? Reserve a day pass.

Curious about the Membership rates and possibilities? Take a look here.