Need a perfect escape from the stresses of every day life? Visit our spa for stress relief and relaxation. Our spa area offers multiple sauna’s, with different heating systems. A sauna visit will also improve your health as it stimulates the blood circulation and boost your immune system. After using our sauna, you can cool down at our terrace or in our relaxation room. 

Steam Bath

A steam bath has a purifying effect on the body. Hot air is constantly being added to the room and mist is created. This hot air opens pores to get rid of impurities from the body. There is a 100% humidity in the steam bath and the temperature is between 46 and 49 Celsius degrees. This temperature is lower than an average sauna, however a steam bath surely isn’t less intensive. After fifteen minutes your body temperature has increased and needs to cool down. However you can stay longer in the steam bath, but listen to your body.

Infrared Sauna

An infrared sauna is a sauna with dry heat. This sauna can be a solution to muscle- and joint pain. The infrared lights and the heat stimulate metabolism and  a good blood circulation of the muscles. Regular use of this sauna keeps you fit and healthy. A cooling phase is not necessary with this sauna.    

The Finnish Sauna

The Finnish sauna is the most traditional sauna. The temperature is around 80 degrees. Relax, close your eyes and enjoy the warmth and silence. After a visit to this sauna you have to cool down properly by taking a walk on our terrace. 

The Finnish Outdoor Sauna

The Finnish outdoor sauna differs from the indoor sauna. The humidity in the cabin depends on the weather conditions. With a high humidity outside, the humidity inside the cabin rises. A visit to this sauna will be different every day.